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Trying for a girl? — January 16, 2015

Trying for a girl?

So a few weeks ago I shared this photo with friends and family…

Buddah and B-Dawg have a family announcement!
Buddah and B-Dawg have a family announcement!

Since then I’ve gotten the typical “mom of 2 boys” questions and comments.

  • So trying for your girl huh?
  • You better have a girl this time!
  • If you have another boy…
  • Were you trying or did it just happen
  • I’ll be thinking pink for you!
  • What if it’s another boy?

Now all these folks are lovely and don’t have any intention of being rude. I suppose it makes sense for them to assume I want a girl after having 2 boys. I usually respond something along the lines of, “I’m not really sure I’d know what to do with a girl after having 2 boys!” or “Well if it’s another boy, we won’t have to buy anything!”

Sometimes the comments and questions irritate me but I’m not really offended because I know that they’re excited for us! They’re sharing in our joy. I know that whatever little bean ends up being, all will love him/her endlessly.

We weren’t trying for girl. J and I would like a large family. Not Duggar large, ok, large for the average American. Ideally we’ll have 4 kids of our own and once they’re a bit older we’d love to adopt. So no, we weren’t trying for a girl, we were trying for baby #3. And guess what? God is good!