Last week we officially started our 4.5 year old on a homeschool program called “Classical Conversations“.
It has really been amazing to see what he’s learned in just 2 weeks! BUT it also brings out my *cough* not so nice mom *cough* side.

Maybe it’s because I’m 10 months pregnant (yeh we’ll go with that), but most likely it’s because I have, yet again, started my day by reading through FB, instagram, etc. instead of doing something worthwhile. You know, like getting up earlier than the ya-hoos and reading the Bible/praying? But I think that’s the struggle for any and every mom amiright?

So far I’ve learned:

  1. My child understands more than I think he does
  2. I understand way LESS than I thought I did
  3. I thought I was patient
  4. Lots of prayer…

CC is also a great program because they provide a community that you can  lean on! The groups meet once a week and the kids go to little “classes” and a tutor (because YOU are your child’s teacher) go over the memory work for the week. The students also give presentations every week. Yes, even my 4.5 year old does a presentation every week! It’s amazing! If you’ve ever thought about homeschooling but think you’re not patient enough, not educated enough, insert other reason here, I’d tell you to reconsider. It’s a good growth opportunity for you and your children. I don’t know your situation, but I do know that if God has placed homeschooling on your heart/mind, then you can bet that He will equip you to do it!

B-Dawg's First Community Day
B-Dawg’s First Community Day
The tri-fold isn't up on the wall anymore. We fold it and put it away when we're not doing school time.
The tri-fold isn’t up on the wall anymore. We fold it and put it away when we’re not doing school time.