Little sister is finally here! Well, she came 3 weeks ago, but I’m just now starting to feel “normal” again. She was born on Labor Day (insert Labor Day and labor joke here) and she came really fast. I started having contractions on Saturday morning, but nothing consistent so I wasn’t really sure what was happening. Then after we got the boys to bed Sunday night, they just took off! We left for the hospital after the sitters arrived and we jump-started the truck (…yeh we had to jump the vehicle we were trying to take to the hospital). Got there around 11:30 pm and she was here by 12:35am! She missed her actual due date by 35 minutes ya’ll!

I have been pleasantly surprised by the transition from 2 kids to 3. Granted right now all Little Sister does is eat, sleep and poop (oh my, the poop!).You know, baby stuff. The boys LOVE her and are huge helpers. Isaac especially has surprised me. He is the first to look for the baby if she’s not in the room, if she’s crying, or during a diaper change. He makes sure she has everything that she needs and will give her pats and say “it’s oday disder” (It’s okay sister). SO CUTE! I imagine that it will all change once Sister becomes a little more active, but all things considered we have been blessed with an easy transition.

I do have to admit that having a newborn again has been weird. She’s a pretty good sleeper and gives me about 3-4 hours at a time.