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Okay with Okay for the Holidays — December 9, 2016

Okay with Okay for the Holidays

This holiday season has been a bit of a struggle for me.
“No time! There’s no time!” “I can’t even make the rolls!” “Has Benjamin even done school this week?!”

We’ve had a big year of transitions (well really just a few months that feel like a year). Our church has started a second campus of which my husband is a co-coordinator along with continuing his youth pastor duties and I’ve started a new part-time job as a science teacher twice a week. Oh, and we’re also trying to finish up our addition on the house, our youngest turned 1, our middle is potty-trained(ing) and our oldest started “kindergarten”.

Yeh, I know…

Honestly, I feel accomplished if I have a day without a mountain of laundry at the foot of my bed or I remembered to have Benjamin actually do his school-time for the day (but hey what’s homeschooling for if you can’t be flexible?). So when the holidays were approaching, I decided I was going to be okay with just okay for the holidays.

My children enjoy the Christmas music (when I remember to turn some on), and our sugar cookies so far haven’t made it past the bowl we mixed the dough in. We’ve only watched one Christmas movie (A Charlie Brown Christmas) and only half the lights on our tree actually work. I’ve missed all the Christmas parades and don’t really plan on driving around to see lights. And you know what? My kids DON’T EVEN CARE! I had to start making choices. Was I going to try to “do it all” to look/feel like a good mom… or was I going to BE a good mom and just allow some things to slide.

We’ve chosen just one thing to really focus on this year; learning about the birth of Jesus. This year I’m using an advent story called The Truth in the Tinsel. It lays it all out for you. Which verses to read, discussion questions and a little craft. READ THIS: I AM NOT A CRAFTY PERSON. But these are super simple and the kids love them! I have been pleasantly surprised by how much they remember each night from the previous ones!

So if we do nothing else this holiday season, i.e. see the lights, parades, visits with Santa, actually baking the sugar cookies, etc., I know that we will have done what’s most important. If my kids can enjoy me and not deal with the me who is stressing out over all the “should haves” and “need tos”, we will have done what is most important.

So I encourage you to take some time and evaluate if maybe you also need to be okay with just okay this holiday.


Merry Christmas!