Breaking the Mold

Learning to be who God made me to be

Currently… — September 15, 2014


Thinking about- Oh my, I’m not sure I even want to put this out here but…I’m thinking about baby #3. We’re not prego yet (as far as I know…) but I definitely have baby fever! So many of my friends are pregnant or have just had a baby and I just can’t resist!

Thankful for- A small home. You read that right. We live in a just under 1000sq ft and I LOVE it. Less to clean, less to fix, less to organize. I also spend less on crap  stuff because I don’t have anywhere to put it!

Enjoying The quietness of the rare, coinciding naptime! Yay!

Photographing House projects. Our house had been empty for a while and the yard had not really been maintained so there have been quite a few projects to work on, including putting up a fence and re-doing the closets.


Loving- The fall weather! Finally getting a bit of a chill here in the South East!

Listening to- I’m listening the “The Citizens” I actually listen to them on repeat.

Eating – Don’t laugh ya’ll but I sneak toaster strudels when the kids are sleeping. They don’t know we have them. To be fair, the only reason we do have them is because I got them for free when I was trying to coupon…let’s not talk about that.

Currently — August 25, 2014


Thinking about:  We just moved from an 1800 sqft townhome to a 900 sqft single-family. Pros and cons to that. Mostly I’m thinking about how on earth I am going to down-size 50% of our old house so we can still have room to be in our new home? Also, where did all this junk come from? We only have 2 kids!!!

Reading: I just read through Revelations because I had watched the What’s in the Bible: God’s Kingdom Comes with my boys and I wanted to read it for my self. That is a pretty weird book ya’ll, but you need to read it! And then watch the dvd because it explains it all.

Listening to: Silence. I have 2 boys so the house is rarely quiet except when I manage to get a coinciding nap time.So when that happens, I enjoy the silence.

Thankful for: Our new home! My husband and I moved 700 miles away from everyone when I was pregnant with our first child. After 4 years and a job change we’re not any closer to family but we are within 5 minutes of the most amazing church family ever!

Photographing: Mostly the boys doing what they do, sometimes the house in desperate attempts to gain decorating insight from my friends that are more inclined towards that area (read HERE about my Pinterest experiences).


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